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In my opinion, running your own business is the ultimate career choice.


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I selected Amber as my business strategy coach due to her invaluable 25+ years of experience in the Real Estate industry.

Her extensive background is a tremendous asset to my business. Her wealth of knowledge as a managing broker, practical experience working directly with buyers and sellers, and her insights gained from weathering multiple recessions all make her more than just a coach; she's a mentor who can effectively steer me towards success. Her ability to relate to my current position and guide me toward my goals is unparalleled.

Philip B.

If ever there was anybody that needed a coach to help them organize all their incoherent streams of consciousness and never-ending ideas, that person was me. I’ve been working with Amber for the past six months or so and it has been an absolute pleasure and tremendous help to my business.

Amber started the process by getting me to “brain dump” all my goals and ideas on a piece of paper. Although I’m sure she was horrified by what she saw, she took all those ideas and helped me prioritize the actions that would most benefit my business today. She also spent a ton of time helping me to time-block my schedule, and I can confidently say I am working more efficiently now than I have in years.

Her background leading and developing large teams of individuals in real estate prepped her perfectly for her coaching business. Ultimately and most importantly, however, I have always felt that Amber truly cared about me and my business. I was never just a client – I was first and foremost a friend.

Matthew J

Thank you!

With more than 25 years of varied experience as a business owner, entrepreneur, marketing expert, and negotiator; I also offer over 19 years of practical involvement in consulting, coaching, and mentoring professionals in business strategies, marketing, and expansion.

If you're looking for a straightforward coach/consultant who genuinely comprehends the challenges you're encountering, I can relate to each of you because I've navigated those challenges myself.



What you get with

An Experienced Coach/Consultant

A No "BS" Mindset

The connection between business and personal growth is clear. If you're dealing with issues like discovering your niche, connecting with your audience, staying motivated, managing time, or facing self-doubt, the key solution is often found in your mindset. I combine coaching and strategic consulting in a unique way to assist you in overcoming these obstacles and getting you closer to your goals.

To grow your business, you need a solid sales and marketing strategy, a well-thought-out budget, and a detailed business plan. Feeling overwhelmed trying to handle it all?

I can help by creating a personalized plan based on your strengths, goals, and target audience. I'll also help you identify tasks that can be delegated instead of pushing you into a generic approach. Plus, I enjoy sharing knowledge to empower you.

Personal Strategy

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